7 In situ regenerative restoration of multiple organs

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

(Doctors: Rongxiang Xu, Mo Xiao, Jinying Fang, et al.)
Note: Physical examination results after in situ regenerative and restorative health preserving for all substantial organs for two years.
7.1 Heart:
1) Functional dysrthymia became normal;
2) One third of the electrocardiographic changes of coronary heart disease became negative;
3) Heart blood vessel stent loosened or fell off, no symptoms of heart disease;
4) Significant reduction of instrumental indication of the old lesion of myocardial infarction.
7.2 Liver and spleen:
1) Fatty liver and hyperlipemia disappeared;
2)Instrumental examination indicated heptocirrhosis improves; some patients' heptocirrhosis accompanying splenomegaly disappeared;
3) Abnormal liver function became normal.
7.3 Lung:
1) Physical signs of fibrosis improved obviously;
2) For prominence of pulmonary artery with cardiac origin necessitating surgical operation, the bulge part nearly disappeared, all of the physical signs returned to normal;
3) All volunteers' blood oxygen saturation increased obviously.
7.4 Kidney:
1) Volunteers who need blood dialysis according to symptoms and signs received no blood dialysis, and their health conditions were restored to the same levels as normal volunteers;
2) Other organs of urinary system of volunteers are normal.
7.5 Pancreas:
Deterioration of type ? diabetes mellitus was controlled effectively and developed positively.
7.6 Prostate gland:
Most of the volunteers suffering from prostatomegaly restored back to normal.
7.7 Cerebrum, cerebellum and other organs of nervous system:
1) Volunteers' memory no longer degenerated and recovery of memory appeared;
2) Deterioration of severe Parkinson' disease stopped, improvement appeared, the mild cases restored back to normal.
7.8 Five sense organs:
1) Presbyopia deterioration stopped;
2) No degeneration of hearing;
3) Oral mucosa self-renewal appeared;
4) Vocalization became louder and clearer;
5) Olfaction became more sensitive;
6) Alopecia stopped, some hair regenerated, white hair became black.
7.9 Bone marrow:
1) Bone marrow of acute non-lymphocytic leukemia recovered to normal;
Fig.15: Series of pictures of reports on physical examination.

2) Deterioration of bone marrow of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients was in a status of quiescence;
3) Bone marrow of aplastic anemia patients returned to normal;
7.10 Muscle:
1) Muscular tension of legs increased obviously;
2) Muscular tension of waist and arms increased obviously, for example, a volunteer suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia just won a prize for the longest distance of a golf hit.
7.11 Body appearance of volunteers:
1) Volunteers told in his or her own words: felt obviously younger than before, became more energetic both physically and spiritually;
2) The body shape tended to be younger, fallen skin and loose muscle were tightened and were pulled back.  The appearance of skin and muscle of face, neck, hands, and arms were in 5 to 20 years younger status.
7.12  No adverse effects appeared.

[Conclusion for Phase]
1. The research has solved many problems for curing medically chronic and stubborn diseases such as tissue defects caused by body surface wounds, bone necrosis, special ulcerous surfaces.
2. The research has ensured the regenerative restoration of incisions of operation.
3. The research has made the severed finger regenerated.
4. The research has restored scared skin back to normal skin and skin regenerated completely.
5. The research had restored aged skin to younger skin.
6. The research has made the gastrointestinal ulcers and wounds regenerate and restore to normal, completely cure various gastrointestinal ulcers.
7. The research has restored aged gastrointestinal mucosa to younger ones.
8. During our research on human internal organs, it was observed that regenerative restoration in partly aged organs appeared, it is impossible for modern medicine to obtain such marvelous results; in fact, it is the results not involved in modern life science.  These results have already reflected the basic laws that all the organs in the human body can realize in situ regenerative restoration.  We believe that in the future research the above laws will be more obviously reflected, and finally it comes to the full realization that human tissues and organs can have a life span of double ages, just as we found in animal experiments with suspended ageing for the tissues and organs; in a word, the research is absolutely dominating and leading.