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[Scientific concept]

'Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science' is a fire-new scientific concept.  It is the study focusing on innate regenerative potential of human body cells and regenerative nutrients.  And it is a comprehensive new system in life science which utilizes human body regenerative potentiality and exogenous regenerative nutrients to achieve regenerative restoration in situ for acquired defects, premature aging, mutation, severe diseases and premature apoptosis of human body. 

Its core scientific technique is the 'In Situ Human Body Regeneration and Health Preservation Techniques' involving 'Induction of Stem Cells from Somatic Cells' and then 'Regenerative Restoration of Tissues and Organs In Situ'.  That is:  with the supply of human body regenerative nutrients and the core techniques, to realize the human body regenerative restoration in situ; and to ensure normal physiological structures and functions of human body cells, tissues and organs so as to prevent and treat diseases, prevent and discontinue premature aging of human body and achieve regeneration and renewal of premature aging tissues and organs in situ.

Its core scientific mechanism is: There are some normal but special somatic cells in human body tissues and organs which can be potentially induced into stem cells when the cells in tissues and organs suffering from abnormal changes, such as necrosis, fibrosis, mutation or premature aging/apoptosis.  And under the right conditions, these induced stem cells can then regenerate and duplicate new cells to supplement or replace the above mutated cells so as to immediately restore the integrity of structures and functions of human body tissues and organs.

The target audiences of 'Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science' is not only patients with tissue organ diseases but the entire humans; the science introduced by the book relates to the birth, aging, illness, death and life prolongation of human body as well as regenerative foods and nutrient sources.  Its scientific field is the new system of 'Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science', newly emerged in life science.  The traditional research of human body life science mainly focuses on natural life activities and acquired natural food and nutrients of human in the period from the embryo to birth until death.  While 'Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science' studies human body regenerative potential after birth and the new source energy of regenerative nutrients which are necessary for the expression of human body regenerative potential as well as researches on regenerated life of human body.

'Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science' is quite different from the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Western Medicine which fight against diseases and save patients' lives with the price of abandoning some valuable tissues and organs with surgery or using 'poisoned' medicines.  Further, it is also different from Modern Molecular Biology and Tissue Engineering which try to treat diseases by recomposing genes or transplantation.  While 'Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science' is an independent and systematic study focused on potentially regenerative cells in human body and utilizes the regenerative ability to achieve regeneration and restoration of defective structures and functions of tissues and organs, prevention and eradication of diseases, discontinuance of premature aging and restoration of premature aging that has occurred already.  It ensures human body's health not by ways of materials counteraction (medicines), genes reforming or any other modern biotech; but by means of cultivating special somatic cells (Potential Regenerative Cells, PRCs) with nutrients supply under right conditions to achieve the regeneration and production of new cells; and then to supplement or replace defective, severe diseased, premature aging, mutated and premature apoptotic cells; further realize no disease, no premature aging, no mutation as well as no premature apoptosis of human body's tissues and organs.

[Historical background]

At present, each branch of the frontier studies in life science worldwide is in a standstill state.  In the human genome study, the comparatively valuable gene sequencing technique for detecting crimes was just spoiled by those engaged in artificial genetic sequences and completely lost the value of specific proofs; the embryonic stem cell study was almost given up by itself since 2007 because of ethics violation and unbridgeable technical problems; when the iPS cells study was launched in 2007, many scientists grasped it as the last straw for their continuous study of stem cells.  While recently, the iPS cells were just identified as cancer stem cells and the study was proved as opposite to people's expectation, not only worthless but also harmful to human beings! 

Now it seems that the only promising technique is our study involving 'Inducing stem cells from somatic cells and then regenerating and restoring tissues and organs in situ'.  It is not only the further step forward of stem cells study but also the realization of clinical applications for almost 20 years.  The clinical achievements of human tissues and organs regenerative restoration have not only established a new regenerative medical system, but also stride into a new era of 'human body regenerative science' and formed a brand-new system of 'Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science'. 

This book sums up some of the scientific research results and achievements in this new field and released to the public, in order to help life science researchers make a shortcut to join the studies of stem cells; to help clinicians use these achievements immediately to save patients; and to help human beings get an immediate access to the knowledge of regenerative restoration and health preservation as well as the service and insurance of human body regenerative restoration science.


The book mainly makes an announcement on a series of technical achievements of induction stem cells from somatic cells and subsequently regenerative restoration of tissues and organs in situ.  All these have realized the regenerative restoration of each human body tissues and organs in situ, which is of the most advanced and original scientific research achievements of human life science.  In the book, there are massive clinical pictures on every achievement. 

There are eight parts of the book, including 'Scientific Announcements', 'Clinical Study Results', 'Basic Research Results', 'the Establishment of Regenerative Medicine', 'Interpretation of the Study on Induction of Stem Cells from Somatic Cells', 'Comprehensive Organ Regenerative Restoration and Renewal in situ', 'Regenerative Restoration and Renewal of Gastrointestinal Organs' and 'Regenerative Restoration and Renewal of Skin Organs'.

The part 'Scientific Announcements' briefly introduces the developing course of 'Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science' from the standpoint of human civilization phylogeny.  The considerable historical facts confirmed the scientific and historic position of 'Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science'.

Chapter Two --- 'Clinical Study Results' falls into two comprehensive systems.  The first system is the clinical applications on traumas, ulcers and severed fingers; while the other is the study results on regenerative restoration and renewal of aging human body tissues and organs.  The first part mainly discusses about the realization of regeneration and recovery in situ of human body surface tissue wounds and defects; the realization of regenerative restoration of partial necrotic bones tissue and surgical incision regeneration without scar formation and so on.  The Results of severed finger regeneration signifies the FIRST achievement of regenerative restoration of severed limb since the beginning of human history.  It has also achieved the regenerative restoration of diabetic skin ulcers and arterial occlusive limbs necrosis ulcers which are currently considered incurable worldwide.  It also showed that the existing scars can be regenerated and restored back into normal skin by the induction of somatic cells into stem cells.

The second comprehensive system of chapter two focusing on the following: with the methods of local absorption and GI tract absorption of regenerative nutrients, aging tissues and organs can be paused or at least retarded; and the premature aging tissues and organs can be regenerated, restored and renewed in situ!  Such as the regenerative restoration & renewal in situ of premature aging skin organs, gastrointestinal organs, and gastrointestinal ulcers wound.  Atrophic and degenerative gastrointestinal mucosa can be regenerated and restored back to young state after a half-year regenerative trophotherapy; and patients with prostatic hypertrophy were healed after two-year treatment, etc.  A serial of aging organs diseases are now preventable and recoverable under this science and technique.  In our research on regenerative restoration and renew of comprehensive organs in situ, all the organs of volunteers have the signs and symptoms of regenerative restoration in situ.  In the book, all the released clinical results are the FIRST and most advanced ones in the modern world life science and medicine.

In Chapter Three, the book also systematically released the results of basic researches, which include results of how to induce somatic cells into stem cells; how to use the induced somatic cells to clone tissue organs in vitro and how to conduct animal experiments of tissue organ regenerative restoration in situ.  Another core content of this chapter is the release of experimental results on albino rats fed with regenerative nutrients.  Results showed that the albino rats in test group had a young state of each tissues and organs when they were killed with a lifespan twice as long normal rats in control group (details shown in Chapter Three).  While for those without any feeding of regenerative nutrients (control group), all rats ended with natural death and all the tissues and organs checked showed the old state.  These results cheer up the whole human race!  As it's well known that the successful rate of the similar results on human beings is over 99% if the results have already got on rats.  That means, human beings can also get the same results of maintain the same, if not younger, of each tissues and organs if we eat the same food!  Can you image it? The whole world will change if we can live double or triple longer some day!

Another part in Chapter Three, the author has especially released to the world the decoding of human cancers and regenerative anti-cancer secrets.  The clinical applications and results of conquering skin cancers have opened up a new path to the eradication of human cancers.

As it is the first time to explain the secrets of human body regeneration and release the methods of its clinical applications in the human history, the author includes the long reports on how the human body regeneration secrets were found and the international announcement of the establishment of human body regenerative medicine on purpose.  The two reports compose the fourth and fifth chapters respectively to make the readers a clear and detailed understanding of the true historical background and process of the establishment of this science.  Any establishment of a new scientific system is by no simple accident and based on philosophic thinking and research method, only with the outbreak of revolution that the innovation can be achieved.  The two parts are the true records of my experiences and ideological development in the 20-year discovery of human body regenerative laws and technical advancement from 1984 to 2004.

The sixth, seventh and eighth chapters of the book are mainly focusing on teaching people the methods of regenerative restoration in the manner of lectures, including introduction of how to realize systemic regenerative restoration of organs by means of regenerative trophotherapy; how to realize regenerative restoration of gastrointestinal organs; how to achieve regenerative restoration of aging gastrointestinal organs back to a younger state; how to achieve regenerative restoration of aging skin organs back to younger skins, etc.  All these methods have been put into practical applications already and will bring people unexpected results soon.

This book is the first scientific monograph on human body regeneration science. As the starting point and symbol of human life science entering Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science era, the book will play an important role in the process of human civilization advancement and bring people the hope for a new life as well as the hope for a new world.

The contents of this book are beyond the scope of natural science. So China Social Sciences Press was especially chosen for the publication of the Chinese version of this book.

Xu Rongxiang
Aug. 21st 2009