Part Three: Four Effects, One Plan

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

Gastrointestinal regenerative restoration technique is one of the techniques of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science, which solves the problem of gastrointestinal premature aging, the problem of ulcer healing with scar formation, and the problem of GI injury and constipation.  Personal bioclock diet plan is enacted according to individual condition of gastrointestinal bioclock.

The First Effect: Solve the problem of gastrointestinal premature aging
For human, even though we firstly see the skin getting old, actually it is the gastrointestinal mucosa which firstly starts to age.  What is worse is that GI aging leads to the aging of our whole life.  The life of the gastrointestinal mucosa is maintained through continuous self renewal which is dependent on gland tissues under mucosa. The renewal of mucosa is fulfilled through the proliferation and differentiation of the stem cells existing in the gland tissues.  For example, there are about 250 cells in the intestine gland tissues and there are certain stem cells among these cells.  When one generation of mucosa tissue cells getting old, these stem cells will produce and form a new generation of mucosa.  Thus, the life of mucosa can be maintained actively and the absorption of nutrients of human body can be ensured.  However, the self-renewal ability will decrease with the increase of age and the long-term damage of mucosa, the number of stem cells are getting fewer and fewer, which will slow down the renewal and the atrophy and further cause advanced aging in the mucosa.  And the aging of mucosa will reduce the digestion and absorption ability, which will lead to primary diseases for other organs.  The experiments proved that the nutrient composition in MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule can promote the stem cells and potential regenerative cells inside the gastrointestinal mucosa to in situ regenerate gastrointestinal mucosa, which can then prevent the premature aging of mucosa.

In daily life, the aged gastrointestinal organs is recognized as easily exhausted, listless, adiposity or marasmus and etc.  Since the absorption and digestion ability have decreased, most mid-aged people find themselves troubled with the symptoms above.  MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule can largely retard aging and help people to maintain the absorption and digestion ability of mucosa and recover the functions in aged mucosa.
The Second Effect: Solve the problem of scar formation after gastrointestinal ulcer treatment
With the development of modern medicine, the healing of gastrointestinal ulcer and inflammation is not a puzzle any more.  However, the remaining problem is, the ulcers will always be healed with scar formation and the healed part does not have physiological function and structure, which in one way will compromise the digestion and absorption function and in the other way will lead to abdominal discomfort or even stomachache and abdominal distension. MEBO Gastrointestinal regenerative restoration technique can promote the residual stem cells and potential regenerative cells existing in ulcer wound to in situ regenerate new gastrointestinal mucosa, which will finally achieve ulcer healing without scar formation and recover all physiological structure and function completely.

The Third Effect: Solve the problem of injuries caused by drinking, taking medicine and food
Drinking, medication, or even food can cause gastrointestinal mucosa injuries, which will lead to gastrointestinal function disorder or even maldigestion and malabsorption.  The main reasons for diet to cause mucosa damages include: people do not know what best fits gastrointestinal mucosa and no preventive protection is carried out during digestion.  When the mucosa is damaged, the nutrients can not be efficiently digested and absorbed and injuries will directly affect human organs and cause the nutrient defect disease in advance.  The self-protection of mucosa is mainly realized through the mucus released by GI organ and adhered to the surface of mucosa.  When the mucus decreased or damaged, gastrointestinal mucosa will be damaged by gastric acid and pepsin.  Even though the self-renew ability of GI mucosa is strong, the long-term traumatic irritation; the decrease of mucus renewal and long-term damage from food can also cause many GI diseases.  MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule used in the gastrointestinal regenerative restoration technique has the function of sticking to the gastrointestinal mucus, which can strengthen the mucosa protection by mucus.  Experiment results proved that the administration of MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule can prevent the stimulus of alcohol and chemical drugs from damaging mucosa.
The Fourth Effect: Solve the problem of constipation
Constipation, a very common condition, will threaten life if serious.  Especially for middle aged or aged persons, constipation can initiate heart and cerebrovascular diseases.  The medical classifications of constipation are as follows: intractable constipation caused by birth defect, functional constipation caused by non-disease causes and organic constipation caused by diseases.  There are few effective solutions to constipation so far worldwide.  We divide constipation into two types: excluding the intractable constipation and birth defect, all the other types of constipation are caused by the abnormal cells in the defecation system.  Basically after the application of normal bioclock diet plan, constipation will not occur.  Furthermore, MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule has the function of removing constipation.  The gastrointestinal regenerative restoration technique solves the constipation problem through the regeneration of muscular layer cells of intestine, rectum mucosa and intestinal wall.
One Plan: Bioclock diet plan
The research shows that one of the main reasons causing gastrointestinal mucosa damage, ulcer, and chronic inflammation and premature aging is that the bioclock diet is not followed.  So mastering the correct bioclock diet is very important to retard aging, and the diet must cause no damages to gastrointestinal mucosa.  MEBO gastrointestinal regenerative restoration technique helps people to enact personal bioclock diet plan according to individual physiological habits and conditions.